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Railcar Fine Goods Viper X001


Aug 9

"After seven years and nearly twenty collaborations we’ve finally put ourselves up to the task of doing a jean made of a fabric so difficult and so expensive to produce that we could truly say it was a labor of love and passion. 

Self Edge and Dry Bones have come together to produce a jean made of 100% natural indigo dyed yarns which were hank-dyed to produce a very deep indigo shade which cannot be replicated using modern dying methods and synthetic dyes.  There are a small handful of natural indigo dying masters left in Japan and to say that they work slowly is an understatement.  Massive care is taken when preparing the natural indigo dye bath and then the dying the skeins of yarn.   Once the yarn is dyed it is then woven into denim on a wooden (but machine powered) loom yielding an extremely uneven texture which brings out the great deep indigo shade hidden within the fabric. 

The fabric is then cut and sewn into a straight leg jean with a little taper down past the knee and finished with hidden rivets, indigo dyed cotton twill pocket bags, olive military-grade canvas rear pocket linings, and a cowhide patch. 

Due to difficulty of producing this fabric and the costs associated with the production these jeans are limited to only 95 pairs.”


Self Edge x Dry Bones colab. Lovely.